Saturday, October 3, 2009

An Asian Feast ...comin' up!

Hey peeps,
Sorry for the lack of posts the last coupla nights - suffice it to say my alarm did NOT succeed in waking me up for midnight posts!

Anyway, I have gotten my hands on the rough line up of songs for next week and it looks like it will truly be a very 'Asian' show. Exciting indeed! Phweet!

In no particular performance order (cos this isn't set yet), so no voting numbers yet people, check out the songs each of your Top 11 are singing!

Duane Ho
Dang Ni by Cyndi Wang (mandarin)
(Duane was so cute, he was taking 'diction' lessons from producer Henrietta!)

Malaque Mahdaly
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai from the soundtrack of Hindi movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai by Udit Narayan and Allka Yagnik (Shah Rukh Han) (hindi)
(Malaque has always loved Bollywood stuff, so this song was like a no-brainer choice for her :))

Sylvia Ratonel
Sinaran by Sheila Majid (malay)
(ooh I likey this one... I grew up listening to Sheila Majid songs!)

Sezairi Sezali
Jeritan Batinku by P. Ramlee (malay)
(classic song, but also a tough song to sing...big shoes to fill here. Good luck Airi!)

Farhan Shah
Teman Istimewa by Taufik Batisah (malay)
(this is a great song - sure to be a fan favourite for both Farhan and Taufik fans! There are a few interesting surprises in Farhan's rendition of this - so look out for it!)

Fathin Amira
Bakit Pa by Jessa Zaragoza (tagalog) (hope I spelled this right - copied it from producer's notes!)
(I heard a little of this and fulemak, Amira power! She almost went with 'Anak', but I'm glad she chose this one, cos it sounds beautiful!)

Nurul Huda
Made In India by Alisha (hindi?)
(Nurul says she's gonna go barefoot for this one - with bells on her ankles for the Bhangra part woot!)

Faizal Isa
Hapus Ku by Nidji (malay)
(I haven't heard this before - but Faizal has got stage presence, so am sure he'll ace this one)

Tabitha Nauser
Ting Hai by A*Mei (mandarin)
(this is a super power song - cannot wait to hear it!)

Charles 'Stitch' Wong
An Jing by Jay Chou (mandarin)
(Sly sang this for Asian Week in Season 1, it got him his best comments from the Judges, Ken said he was better than Jay Chou! Lets see how Charles fairs - he's gonna be accompanying himself on the piano! woot!)

Mae Sta Maria
Nobody by The Wondergirls (korean)
Interesting song choice, its popular now - hope she does the dance that goes with it!

I didn't get to hear each of them sing the songs, but it already looks like it will be an interesting show.

There's just so much to look forward to...
Can't wait to hear Amira and Mae perform their songs because both are singing songs in languages they don't speak. Amira's doing a Tagalog song and Mae's is a Korean song.

I'm also keen to hear Tabitha's song, because she doesn't really speak Mandarin although she studied it in school, and Sylvia's 'Sinaran' because she doesn't speak Malay much (she took Mandarin at school).

Plus, Farhan's doing 'Teman Istimewa' which is a Taufik Batisah hit on the Malay charts - so expectations and anticipation is gonna be on high for this one.

What I also like about Asian Week is the fact that for contestants who are comfortable in another language, its a great opportunity to showcase that side of them. And a good chance to wear 'interesting' costumes - if any ;) Fusion-y stuff!

Group song for this week - Jai Ho! :) Excellent choice since it won an Oscar.... now all we need is Duane to do his Pussycat Doll move somewhere in the middle!

Ok, on to the next post! Review of Ep 8 or Spectacular 2.

xoxo, s.

ps. Plus, I interview the Idols about their Asianness - updates on this in each of their profiles tomorrow at midnight! Keep a look out!


  1. why did sezairi chose jeritan batinku? do you have any idea? it is a difficult song. i'm worried for him. =(

  2. i think he's completely capable of making that song work. difficult, yes, but i'm sure he's up to the challenge.

  3. Hey, no videos of their performance on the year they were born?

  4. hi hi people..
    i heard Airi sing it today and it sounded prettygood. fingers crossed he'll be able to pull it off come next wednesday :)!

    As for vids for the show...the guy who usually puts up entire episodes has not yet done so..perhaps he's given up? If you see the show anywhere on youtube, do drop me a note too k? So i can put it up :)

  5. Summerr,
    You grew up listening to Sheila Majid. You must be Malaysian rite?

    I think Sinaran is a good choice for Sylvia. She just have to understand the lyrics so that she can give the right expression and emote the song better.

    Sezairi have to do a great great job with that song otherwise he is going to get slammed.

    I think Farhan is taking a big risk by singing Taufik's song. He is going to be up for direct comparison with the Idol himself. Even if he sings the song well, the judges may compare other stuff like swagger etc etc. and give them the chance to say that he CMI as a Sg Idol. Not wise.

  6. Anonymous, yeap, am Malaysian, :) She used to live one road away from me, I swear I was like a stalker - every time I went to the Char Kway Teow shop nearby, I would pass her house and hope to catch a glimpse of her.

    Good point about Sylvia, I'll go see if she understands what she's singing - she's got the diction and pitch all perfect as of yesterday.

    Airi is aware that its an iconic song. He's definitely gonna give his all. he knows whatt he's getting into.

    As for Farhan, well, if he pulls it off, can you imagine what everyone will say? It would be a coup for him.

    I like to think positive la, and be optimistic, otherwise it'll just dampen their spirits.