Saturday, October 24, 2009

Charity CarWash @ Dempsey Hill

Workin' at the carwash....
85% pictorial post....:) Cos a picture speaks a thousand words LOL!

10% : Today, your Idol Top 8 pitched in to raise money in a charity carwash organised by MediaCorp. Broken up into teams, they were up against other teams like The Polo Boys (who raised the highest amount of cash) and Idol Alums, from season 2 - Nurul Mydeen, Paul Twohill, Gayle Nerva, Joakim Gomez and one more guy in green but I couldn't recognise him, only saw him for a split second! (Will check and get back to you... :P so sorry! - was it Norman?)

85% : Here are the pics!

5% : Just got a text from Promo Guru Suresh, the highest bid the Idols got was $500 from a fan of Mae's - the fan's Daddy paid the $$ without hesitation apparently - good on ya Sir for helping out the charity! :)

Well done Idols - you worked hard today, and guess what folks - TOMORROW (SUNDAY), is the first 'off' day the Idols will get since Bootcamp! Nothing scheduled - it says 'REST DAY' on the schedule ! Woot!

Have a great Sunday my LODIs!

xoxo, s.

ps. A very special word of thanks to the fans on facebook who posted their 'carwash pics' which I 'borrowed' here in the post - Siti Rahayu and Sariah Aiera. All credits to those pics belong to them.

pps. Idol off day = Blogger's off day! = DOUBLE WOOT! :)


  1. hey is there anyway we can watch si ep 9 onwards?

  2. nice pics u got there was the idols feelings after the car wash

  3. heya summerr,if im not mistaken 'that guy in green' is called Levin. He was in top 24 i think, but not top 12.

  4. the "guy in green" is not christopher meh? hahaha

  5. Summerr..tks for uploading the pics..tat's fast,cool man!.way abt the Official blogger,where is he?no update since last idol show?Nway,for next wk show,I hope Malaque wl do her best for Last Dance..Show them wat you have..

  6. hello summerr, your banner under idol songs & voting numbers, there are some spelling errors? (malaque's and the last line... deets?)

    just pointing them out, yea. and i love your blog, good for idoloonies like me! :b

  7. Thanks you guys for the support - and yes thanks for helping to spot typos - was posting with my contacts on ...very dry and text V V V small...could hardly see - was blinking and blinking! hehehe.
    got my glasses on today..waiting for muh kids to nap so I can update the voting sequence (just got it!) and do my long overdue review :)

    cheers guys!

  8. He looks absolutely dashing ! :D im nt english by the way :3
    ima malay durhh .
    how was the car wash ? i wanted to go but my father said no . mepek.
    GOOD LUCK ON THE MAMBO MANIA on wednesday .