Saturday, October 17, 2009

Idol Papparazzi?

Idols at Ion Orchard
Despite not getting any sort of invite (aiya, why Ion, why liddat?) to the Carrie Underwood do, our Idols were not deterred nor disheartened.

CARRIE fans Tabby, Malaque, Duane and Farhan, along with Official Blogger Iz and I decided to go (The Husband, Kids and The Godmother also in tow!). Free concert, big star, Idol alum, why not? Who cares if its smellypits in the moshpits? Its CARRIE.

Strangely, the moshpit wasn't that moshy. So no smellypits. It was all quite civilised, except for the rather rude-ish wubby who kept picking on a poor Security guard (I mean, c'mon, so what if he's not a Carrie fan, he's there to maintain decorum, not be a groupie). Thank Gawd the real host for the night was Utt.

Anyway, once we got 'in', we realised we couldn't see the stage at all, so the 'emptiness' (or lack of moshyness) made sense. But the empty seats at the VIP section didn't make sense - I had assumed they had no more VIP seats to give out which was why the Idols didn't get an invite, you can throw THAT assumption out da window.... go figure!

But oh well, not a big deal anyway right?

I wasn't able to stay on, The Kids were restless (the promos said come at 6.30, so we were there at 6.30pm and after 90 minutes of waiting around, I couldn't keep them there anymore..tsk!). The Idols also decided that they'd try and get a better vantage point from the Prada store, so we split up...hope they saw more than I did!

Aiya, now I regret not taking more pics...

Ok, am off to bed....just 3 hours left til The Kids are up!

Before I go, here's an interesting vid Tabby found on Youtube! LOL! Stalkers? Fanarazzi? Love it!

xoxo, s.

ps. Heard from a reliable source that Ion Orchard paid millions to bring Carrie here for their Official Opening, so it kinda makes sense that they wouldn't want anyone to 'piggyback' on this 'paid gig'. Just seems like such a waste though, an Idol winner comes to SG but doesn't meet the current Idols in waiting. Am surprised they weren't keen to get some free tv airtime (because if our Idols got to meet Carrie, you can bet it will be recorded and aired on the show).


  1. and by the way,do you really think these 'idols' are that important to even get and invitation for VIP seats?you're overrating them.and hello,i doubt that they are carrie underwood fans

  2. and plus,do they even know what country music is?saying that,i'm a fan of tabitha there,just in case you think im a hater

  3. to the first anon, do you personally know these idols? No. So bye your comment is officially null.

  4. to the first anon,

    go diaf.
    no one needs your opinion.sheesh..

  5. It makes me squeal with disgust that some anon people like to judge such idols based on their opinion. Come on, leave them alone.

    Idols are people too right, so don't critize them come on. Get a life - to the first anon.

  6. Zac Brown Band!!! aka. anonymus 1October 18, 2009 at 6:57 PM

    alright,but can i ask duane,tabitha,malaque,farhan if they are that enthusiastic about carrie?and are they really fans of country music?
    and now this blogger,do you really need to BOO ion orchard for not inviting these contestants?i mean,those VIP seats are for people who have spend $$$,not for any other people,like these contestants...

  7. OMG ZBB you should just shut your trap. you probably work for ion otherwise you wouldn't be so hypersensitive. just WHEN did summer 'boo' them? calling it a 'waste' is not equivalent to a 'boo'.

    If you wanna know who's been booing them - u should talk to the people who were there. I was there too and everyone around me was bitching about the wait, the heat and the fact that they couldn't even see Carrie in person because of the layout. It was such a half-hearted attempt to 'give' to the people. Why not just make it a private event for the shoppers who spent their money and got the VIP passes instead of saying 'free' concert when most of the public could only watch her on a video screen (or distorted through the underpass dome).

    And what does it matter to you if duane etc are fans or not. They were keen to go and see her right? I'm not a country music fan, in fact I find it whiny, but Carrie's music is quite mainstream, and I like it. Which is why I went down. Get a life lah ZBB.


  8. Now to First Anon and ZBB -
    This is the VERY reason why summer is considering to moderate the comments. Come on, get a life. Wait, you don't have one i think. IF you don't bother about the idols, why bother coming to this blog? ;)
    Nailed it, ain't it.