Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Next Week's Theme : For Someone Special

Idols to serenade someone special!

If you saw my earlier post, you would've seen Tabitha singing 'Halo' by Beyonce. If she made it through tonight (sorry, this is a scheduled post since i'm still at the theatre, so I'm not sure if she's through or not), she'll be singing that song to her best friend, because she has been like a 'halo' of support for her. Awww so sweet.

Well expect more 'awwwws' next week, because the theme is 'For Someone Special'. Expect to see a more 'emo' side to the Idols as they each whip out their heart-tug stories about that someone who means so much to them - the only hitch - cannot be a parent or a sibling.

Am sure there are plenty of special people in their lives. In fact, one of the Idols will be dedicating their song to a special someone who doesn't know that THEY are that special someone - way to drop the bomb Idol! :) Hope they reciprocate after the serenading!

xoxo, s.

ps. I've seen the song list and the songs are all awesome stuff, so far, I know if Mae's through - she'll be singing 'Hero'. Thats TWO power ballads so far - 'Halo' and 'Hero' (assuming neither Tabby nor Mae are eliminated)!


  1. what a theme?
    if they are to sing for their special someone (gf/bf), they sure break many of the fans' hearts. hahaha.

    I still don't understand the voting system.
    the one who are safe the previous week sure get boot out the next week.
    are the ones who are in safe group, really have the bottom votes?
    I though nurul was in the safe group three weeks in a row?

  2. :) 'someone special doesn't necessarily have to be a girlfriend or a boyfriend. It could be a bestfriend, a mentor or even a colleague who inspires you.
    that aside, Kris Allen is married, yet he still has a huge fanbase that gave him the win.
    the voting system is simple, its the voters who are complicated.
    Those in the unsafe group really do have the lower set of votes as compared to those who are safe. Perhaps Nurul's fans didn't vote as much today, or perhaps everyone else's fans voted more. You can never tell which way the vote is going to sway, and I have to say this season is so very unpredictable.

  3. after all the mess on sezairis profile i really hope he sings for his gf. looks like shes been having a hard time.she deserves to be recognised.saw her at the studio today all cheerful supporting all the contestants.she looked shattered when he was unsafe also.
    sezairi be proud of your gf and ignore all the idiot comments!

  4. :) finally someone who recognises what a great girl Syaza is.

  5. Do you have any idea who sang the ad's background music? It's gorgeous.