Thursday, October 8, 2009

Idol out : Farhan Shah

Its the end of Farhan's Idol journey.

When Gurmit announced the results, I swear I could hear his heart break. And I imagine the news has broken a large number of little girls' hearts as well.

Farhan has a wonderfully supportive fanbase that has kept his spirits up amidst the mud-slinging and mean comments he has received.

Here's his exit video for Idol TV. Justin Jap takes over as impromptu host tonight while Jon Cheok is stuck on reservist duty.

I recorded the next vid while Farhan was doing his 'exit' performance. The cameras usually stop rolling once the show goes off-air, so viewers sometimes don't get to see the full performance. This is the best I could do from my vantage point - but you could see Farhan was so emotional (no tears, just choked up nonetheless) that he couldn't really sing.

Tune in to 987FM in the morning at 9am (Thursday 8th October) to catch Farhan's post show interview with Dan & Young. Also, catch him this Sunday at 7.30pm on the President's Star Charity show on Channel 5.

Imo, definitely one of the sweetest and most genuine guys I've ever met....I'll miss you Farhan, and your blondeness .... you Blonde Prawn you! Don't be a stranger!

xoxo, s.


  1. hix hix...
    bye bye farhan... I'm sure God has other great plans for you.. :)

  2. idol is so unfair. farhan was so determined to improve in every show and he actually improved unlike some others. idol isn't the same without him ='(

  3. idol result was oh so predictable.
    you just have to take note and hear what ken's has to say.
    last week, he told justin that he is going home and he went home
    this week, he told farhan, all kids will be having exam and noone will vote for him and he went home.

    he even knows that mae is not going home.
    how cool.
    he can predict the results really well huh?

    he even said tabitha will be in top 2.
    maybe that will happen.


  4. hey farhan . never give up ur hopes and dreams . i cried when you went out . its was expected but it totally broke my heart and the fans too . never let tis failure down as you still have a lifetime to achieve what you want in life and continue singing your hearts out .

    we will miss you badly . thanks for the spectacular performance yesterday and all the other performances too . as long as you keep singing , your idol dream will never end .

    urs truly ,
    ur fan ,
    Khadijah .

  5. to Anon#2, quit being a sour grape by saying 'haiz'. Tabitha deserves to be in the TOP 2, she has been consistent and pretty except that she needs to exploit more of her amazing vocal range. Almost all deserved to go through last night (and I gotta admit that this time Singapore has improved its voting patern while I personally would never agree with the judges.) As much as I dislike Ken and Dick, but unfortunately Farhan hasn't been to prove they are wrong. Honestly, Farhan became my early favourite when I spotted him on TV during the auditions - he is likeable and more good looking than Taufik. However, week after week he has yet to prove that he is ready to become as competitive as other least likeable contestants. He might have been good before joining SI - but do casual voters really have the time to watch all his youtube videos and know him well enough to want to vote for him (despite the lacklustre performances he has been giving week after week -with nasal singing and forgettable vocals) Syltra sang out of tune throughout while Justin wasn't original enough n will have better prospects becoming a doctor - why should these contestants keep staying?

  6. just to add to my above comment, I just feel that Farhan is not ready for this competition while it's no denying that he can sing - it's just sad but we need to get over it. if we think it's not fair, we can just stop watching the show and there's no need to bitch about other contestants.

  7. To anyone who thought Farhan was "improving"... take a look at Malaque. THAT'S improvement. And she was rewarded well for it.

  8. farhan didnt turn up at 987fm this morning...damn i waited and waited to hear what he has to say. it turned he was not contactable..his mom (who's left the house in the morning) said he's still sleeping at 9am. what the hell man! he's contracted to go for the talk show and didnt. he should publicly apologise to his fans for being so unprofessional.

  9. I agree with the comments that Farhan wasnt improving. I thought singing a Malay song wld help. He does have a pleasant voice but he cant reach the high notes and he didnt sound good at those parts.

    Wt regards to the comment above abt Malaque improving. I saw a pre show idol vid on youtube where Malaque was singing wt Jannah. She actually has a good voice if she sings the RIGHT song. So for her to improve is not such a surprise since she has the vocals. As for Farhan, he is vocally weak, hence it is difficult for him to suddenly improve vocally within a short period of time.

    If Farhan still loves singing he shouldnt give up. He should continue but keep on improving on his vocals. If he is really serious he shd go for voice training. Who knows in a few years time you might hear a different Farhan.

  10. gosh ... why must farhan go home now of all times ?? sad but anyway, best of luck yeah !

  11. Argh.... Have been suffering from deprevation of last 2 episodes of SI!!! Spectaculars #2 & Asian Week due to work commitments...

    Mobtv has been giving me tons of problems... Have our loyal source on youtube given up???

    Summerr Pretty please... Any other sources???

  12. I think the Judges know who is going to win already lah..the save is meant for their favourite girl, wonder why no question ask about the save on farhan..think syltra is the best in these season of SI..she does hav the potiential good voice for singing, many of her singing on youtube proves she is awesome, sad talent dies early at SI.

  13. Hi Summer, did you notice that Tabitha sang the lyrics wrongly for Ting Hai?

    This one : Tan xi zhe shei you bei shang le xin Que hai bu qing xing.

    Kinda weird that the judges did not notice that o.o
    And i thought that idols cannot make a mistake in the lyrics?

  14. ooh. to the anonymous above.

    ken said it was forgivable.
    every mistakes Tabitha makes was forgivable.
    oh well.
    but when farhan made a mistakes, he commented harshly.

  15. farhan basically killed the song..
    he messed up the lyrics.. the problem is what he mumbled thru his mistakes and it was such a lacklustre performance with not much efforts.. and if he doesnt have a voice good enuf to hold the long and high notes, then dont. He just killed himself by showing-off his weakness. That just spells complacency.

  16. Hey!

    I felt quite sad for Farhan that he got kicked out... Can tell he's trying to improve and he looked really happy when he got good comments. Plus he does have a voice (unlike Joakim in Season2) and he didnt really deserve all that excessive criticism. But I felt that yeah the remaining contestants did better that night and in other performances. If one looks at his youtube vids we can tell that he is talented. Thing is, you cant expect all the viewers to search around for performances online - Most of them depend on what they see on the show itself. If one did not perform up to expectations...

    And to Summerr : I've asked you about the 'unsafe' group thing before and yes I am starting to think that the bottom few arent necessarily the ones with lowest votes. Initially, I honestly believed it was true but now it seems rather unbelievable for a contestant to be there 4 months in a row. Plus Tabitha is so good somemore... After 2 weeks or so of being in bottom surely her votes would have gotten up? That may not be true though so I'm not asserting anything here. But if you could I'd really hope that the producers be more transparent in their announcing. It's not really fair to the voters and to the unsafe contestants too.. What are they supposed to think?

  17. eh crap i meant 4 WEEKS haha im so sorry!!! my bad!!

  18. To d person who commented about how predictable d idol show is, I'll hve to say that I agree w you. Come to think of it, I wont even be surprised if only d girls are left coz that's what they've been wanting in the first place right? N maybe d comment that Ken made about kids having exams and stuffs is to act as a coverup. Farhan voted out = people would immediately think of Ken's comment. Based on yday's performance, I think Farhan deserved to be in d top 10. Sad thing he got kicked out so early.

    Wish Sylvia all d best though. She needs to win it.

  19. Idol is rigged??? hmmmmmmmmm............

  20. Idol IS rigged. Look at Justin's exit. No save, why? Cause they wouldnt want to save someone they WANT out. Likewise for Farhan Shah, the show wants him out, hence, theres no need to ask him to stay.

    The moment Slytra went out, they knew the whole vote for female campaign has to go stronger. Hence the extra promotion e.g. downplay the guys with the judges comment during Spectacular #2. However, the results did not show. I was in the studio and I saw the flustered faces of the judges. I suspect it was supposed to be dear Tabby.

    Look, in order for the girls to win, the top scoring guys have to go. So I wont say much. I like Sylvia and as much as I want her to win, I want her to win fair.

    See the way Ken commented on Justin and Farhan before their exit and you will know.

    The winner WILL definitely be a girl and it will be Sylvia vs Tabby. The next one out will be a girl so that it will not look scripted. It will be Fathin or Nurul. IF there is a chance for a guy to be out, I say its Duane.

  21. I have yo agree with what Ghan said. Idol is rigid, so so rigid. The judges comment play much of a important role in determining who's in, and who's out. Despite farhan not having the best vocal in the Top 13, i have to agree that Farhan has a huge fan base -- as compared to the other girls who have great vocals. It may be the fact that his fans didn't vote enough, but i guess we all don't know. Not going to jump to conclusions, but its too much of a coincidence that Ken's comments match the results.

    We all don't know, but i guess thats not meant for us to find out anyway. They just want us to vote, to vote for those we prefer, and in the end those they think don't deserve to stay --> don't stay thru that round. As a viewer, we don't know whats going on, we don't know the votes, we only know what oh-so-claimed "Signapore voted". How true? I don't know, but i just want the top 2 to be voted in FAIRLY. Be it whether they're the ones we support or not -- i hope the ones that move on in the competition are those who Singapore REALLY voted, and not those that the judges want in.

    Imo, yes tabby, sylvia DO certainly deserve to be in the top 5, but this is after all a VOTING competition. So i just hope Singapore Idol results next week can prove all our above views wrong, (hopefull)


    since the results is rigged.

    wasted our money.
    and the first person who gets to sit at the bottom three seats, were the one who get eliminated.
    It happens twice.

    Tabby will always be in the bottom three but she will NEVER get voted out. Let's just wait and watch.
    The one who is safe the previous week will get voted out.
    how irony.

    I thought there will be a salvation song something like that?
    change of plans?( written in the website)

  23. Sorry Ghan, I really think Tabby and Sylvia deserve to be in TOP 2!!! Allow me to be honest - very early in the competition, I actually disliked them and thought they were overrated. But after watching their subsequent performances, I have started to like them. As much as I dislike Dick and Ken, this time I don't care if their favoritism will be shown towards Sylvia or Tabby - because they really need to win in my opinion!!! In my opinion, I feel that they have sincerity to win it and will be marketable after winning.

    Because I can predict Charles, Duane, Faizal to make the final 3 (which is the outcome that most of us wouldn't want to see), now I will NOT be fed up with the judges even if they use the save on Sylvia - they should. Anyway, I will be very happy if the judges eventually decide to save Sezairi instead (at least they are able to prove to me that they would not be so biased as to save only the girls).

  24. I am saying is I agree that Tabby and Sylvia deserve to be in Top 2 but due to the nature of SI it seems like the producers MADE IT HAPPEN. So whatever happened to voting? We wont know about the numbers.

    Look I am a fan of everyone in SI (support local talent woo) but if it has to come to a point where Idol winner is chosen by the producers and not the public.. they might as well just sign her to Ken's label. Its not always about the ratings, if you are looking at this producers.

    We want talent, Farhan might not be the best vocalist but he has his way of moving the crowd and garnering fans (look at the way he goes to their doorsteps). It is near impossible that he got voted off this week because week after week he has one of the highest votes, his fb fanpage has one of the highest number of fans, and in the top 24 week, Farhan was public's choice.

    Same goes to Justin, public's choice. And he wasn't even in the unsave group in the Spectaculars #1.

    There is something fishy going on. I just want a female Idol fair.

  25. How come Farhan gets out so early in the competition. Yes he will not win, but at least a Top 7? Even Joakim gets a Top 8. Farhan Shah is WAY better than Joakim. Whoever who kicked him up is biased and stupid (if there is such a person). Oh well bummer much

  26. gurmit often say "singapore idol is full of surprises."

    It really is.

  27. Once again Ghan makes so much sense, well thats what i feel as well when i was watching the competition.
    It seems rather impossible that a person, no wait TWO people who were in the safe group in Spectaculars 1 to all of a sudden be the ones with the least votes within a week, and those in the unsafe group to be safe just like that.

    We all don't know, but it doesn't make sense. Not at all. There's so much going behind the scenes, and we viewers don't know the figures. All we know is 'oh- you have the least 'votes'' Its so ambiguous and imo i don't think its fair. Not to us, not the people who voted their ass of for their fav to win(including me).

    I'm not going to jump to conclusions, well its just my opinion, and yes the females do have powerful vocals that beat the guys, BUT if they do win, i just want it to be because Singapore voted, and not because the producers want a girl to win this round.

  28. Just to inform everyone of you, The Show will be audited so if the producers want to fake it all then it will bring a very bad name to Singapore Idol and i dont think there will be another show again.

  29. Another thing that makes all these allegations look fishy... the mediacorp forum for SI can no longer be found. I wonder why.

  30. Why not make vote transparent, fans who vote will not feel cheated, contestant who'out know the result is so clear..base on experience from past, think Farhan could hav last longer as history from SI 1, 2, malay guy hav got more girl fans who's willing to votes.

  31. EH people, don't jump to conclusions nor start asserting that "Idol is RIGGED" over here because we have to give some credit to the producers la... Seriously, think about it - RIGGING results = faking results. It's honestly a serious offence and I don't think any broadcasting company, especially a wellknown one like Mediacorp would do something like that.

    I honestly am a huge fan of Sylvia and I think Tabitha and Sezairi are awesome too. I really hope all 3 move on in the competition. But you know, this comp is all about votes. If youre going to sit back and stop voting just cause you THINK it is rigged, what's going to happen to their dreams? Then when they are eliminated because of lowest votes, we're all going to be unhappy and have something to complain about again. I really hope that y'all will still vote for the talented ones, whoever your favourites may be.

    Also right, the host didnt say that unsafe group = bottom 4. So rightfully Mediacorp would not be giving us false information because they didnt actually mention anything. Not that Im supportive of it, I'd prefer more transparency. But to be frank, they havent done anything wrong.

  32. Hi, with regards to votes, let me see if i can get some more info from production. Its audited so you know its definitely not rigged. rest assured on that.
    But will ask them about the presentation of the votes.
    I recall they addressed it before somewhere, that the people in the unsafe group are ones wit low votes. But I have not heard gurmit himself SAY bottom 3.

    As for the Youtube episode - yes la, the reliable source has not been uploading - justin just got his hands on ep8 yesterday on a DVD, she's transferring it and uploading for me soon. Will post it asap.

    thanks for reading.

  33. I have a feeling that...

    The votes were definitely ALTERED

    And the producers do not reveal the real BOTTOM 3, they staged everything.
    Just by placing the STRONGEST females in the bottom 3, they will naturally get more VOTES.

    The judges played along by discrediting the males whilst praising the females regardless of their mistakes.

    The JUDGES knew well that farhan would be out hence they gave him some good comments before he was eliminated. Hyprocites ..

    The media uses PROPAGANDA to influence the public so much so that the males will naturally look less talented while the females are know to OWN the stage.

    Hence, it is now clear that the TOP 3 will surely,certainly,100%,guarantee be all females.
    Since ken has been strongly accentuating the possibility of Tabitha,Sylvia and Mae getting to the finals and of course their strong vocals, we should be expecting that.

  34. Summer, Justin is not a 'SHE' lol -.-

    Anyway, can you get the producers to be more transparent? Like to reveal the bottom 3? We paid to vote, at least to get something we want proper.

  35. the wikipedia stated the farhan, sezairi, tabitha and sylvia was the bottom four. I dont know how reliable is that.

  36. Hey Ghan, I appreciate your objective comment and have actually thought along the same line too. Honestly, I think the votes for Justin were probably rigged although I really like Malaque a lot and feel that she deserved to go through. At the same time, I was sad that Justin left too early - as he was one of the best Males left.

    But I'd like to clarify on my earlier comment as WHY this time I have decided to agree with the judges - in general, I think the female contestants tend to be more disadvantaged by a much smaller voting fanbase in Singapore - This is why I think the judges might need to interfere the outcome just to ensure that the deserving ones don't get voted off early.

    Honestly, I prefer the idea of having the contestants' fates be 100% decided by the PUBLIC - however, this also presents another problem (i.e. a certain group of people will try their best to vote the prettier and more talented females simply because they are jealous and will threaten their own favourites and friends who are in the competition - SUCH voting pattern cannot be tolerated and need to be controlled. I have known some ladies who prefer to vote for Either the guys OR an attention-seeking Female contestant who is less prettier, much older and overhyped by the fact she has more 'experience' (mainly because they feel threathened by prettier and marketable female contestants (like Sylvia, Malaque and Tabitha) who are barely 20 or turning 21). Personally, I think it would be devastating if these 3 girls would never make the TOP 5 since casual Singapore Idol viewers generally DO NOT VOTE.

  37. Correction to my earlier comment - it should be "Honestly, I prefer the idea of having the contestants' fates be 100% decided by the PUBLIC - however, this also presents another problem (i.e. a certain group of people will try their best to VOTE OFF the prettier and more talented females simply because they are jealous and will threaten their own favourites and friends who are in the competition - SUCH voting pattern cannot be tolerated and need to be controlled."

  38. Hi Farhan...ur really one of the best & also have the X-Factor to be an artiste...
    ur exit from SG Idol was maybe due to the less voting...
    Perhaps, Life got better offer for U....
    All the best!

  39. Wow I am shocked to see the amount of people agreeing with me. If the next round is a female contestant to be ousted, I am sure there will be some 'damage control' done.

    Well, I am not implying that the show is rigged, that is how I feel but I am not trying to influence anyone. Because the public do not have the transparency to the votes and such. Coming from a country like Singapore where transparency is commonplace, viewers definitely want to see that in SI. Look at the NKF's case. I know its abit far-fetched, lah. But votes = money.

    We want to know where our money is heading towards. To be honest, I voted for Tabitha, Farhan Shah, Justin, Sylvia and Faizal. Only these few contestants stood out for me. Marketability and talent. If the show wants Sylvia and Tabitha to win, tell us so we dont have to vote, and our idol in mind will automatically win Singapore Idol.

  40. As a Farhan Shah fan, I know how big his fanbase is. I voted, and his fanbase might seem similar to Joakim's however it is not. Even adults vote for him, if you dont believe it, come up with a survey. I am in my early 20s. Male. My gf likes Farhan too, but she did not have any influence over me.

    I just find it very strange he got out THIS early. He will go far but little chance against his partner Tabitha.

    But not this early. Lets see the drop in viewership next week shall we?

  41. you can find the performance videos (without pre-performance vids and judge comments) on the contestant page on the SI official website. but you need to:

    1) install some sort of program to view the vids if you don't have it on your comp yet

    2) endure annoying strepsils ads. the bk ones not so bad cos got no sound and whoppers look quite delish.

    3) be satisfied with low quality video, and sometimes slow loading.

    i think the producers have something to do with all the higher quality youtube vids being taken down. they want people to give their sponsors more business. but it sucks lor. I want to see clear videos, not annoying ads over and over again. I'll take honey water for my sore throat, thanks.

    the one good thing abt the videos on the SI page is that they have full videos of the solo theatre performances too, some that we haven't seen before. they sound good, better w/o the super loud band accompaniment. I love sezairi's 'Man who can't be moved'! very nice.

  42. OMG did i refer to Justin as a SHE? Where?! pls tell me so I can correct! alamak!

  43. anyone who hasn't been announced "safe" is "unsafe". doesn't matter how many votes they got. it's a matter of announcement order, not a matter of fact. for all we know, tabby, sylvia and sezairi had more votes than the rest.

    even if SI is being audited, they CAN screw with us however they want with the "unsafe" vs. "safe" because it's a TV show. If you guys feel cheated, then they can just tell you that you didn't take enough lessons in common sense to know that "unsafe" is NOT equals to Bottom Three.

    but one thing's for sure - syltra, justin, and farhan had the least number of votes. they can't kick someone out if that person didn't get the least amount of votes. if they do that, then there will be trouble. other than that, it's up to them. we can get mad, but we can't get even.

    so, a suggestion for those who feel angry about this "manipulation". don't give a crap about it. care about who goes out, don't care about who's "unsafe".

    anyone can be unsafe if gurmit decides to leave their fate to the end. you shouldn't assume that it's the bottom 3 because they clearly DON'T say it's the bottom 3. Somewhere in the Singapore Idol planning unit there's a cheeky, clever producer who knows that you can play with words to get what you want. That's NOT rigging, that's smart. If people decide they want to be the dumb ones, then it's up to them.

  44. y is everyone saying that the show is rigged after farhan is voted off? he is not that good a performer or a singer, which can be clearly seen as the specteculars go on. The bad glitch during "Bad Day", the bad vocals on "Teman Istimewa".. seriously, he is the only contestant that makes all the obvious mistakes. Looks really cant hold on that long, and it cant cover a weak singer. at least joakim had decent performances. Farhan is not improving, only slipping week after week. He was the deserving on to go considering the rest of the contestants' performance. Peace..

  45. I think SI is more of a popularity competition show, is not really about singing talent.. sorry dont really know what SI is all about anymore.

  46. Farhan shah's fans on twitter are really starting to piss me off. How dare they even think about petitioning to get Farhan Shah back on the show? It's YOUR fault for not voting enough, so don't come and try to ask for the IMPOSSIBLE. So bloody unfair on the other ousted contestants. Then why not petition to bring Syltra back? Justin? It's really getting ridiculous.

    And enough with the conspiracy theories and cries of rigging.

  47. 10 left!!

    Duane - No Package
    Tabitha - Too young to be SI
    Amira - Too young to be SI
    Sezairi - Male malay.. not this year
    Faizal - Too young n male malay!
    Mae - Too old to be SI
    Malaque - inconsistent
    Charles - might suprise
    Nurul - CONTENDER!
    Sylvia - CONTENDER!

  48. hey.
    please stop with the 'not wanting the male malay to win' thingy.
    very irritating ok.

  49. Wow....looking at the comments here, I'm just appalled at the sight of sour grapes who even thought he was robbed. I didn't realise that most Farhan's fans can be such sore losers. Honestly, if he stays longer, more competent contestants will be robbed and get booted quicker - and we will have a BORING & PREDICTABLE final. Without him, the competition among his stronger counterparts becomes more serious and tighter - which will be more interesting to watch - and hence viewership would increase rather than drop. Imagine, how boring a competition with the mediocres vs the best ones can get. If the results weren't rigged, it's a good sign that people are now starting to vote sensibly - but if the votes are rigged, it is just trying to deter people from blind and insensible voting.

  50. Hi last anon, noone mentioned 'not wanting the male malay to win' thingy so get over with it.

    To the one who said something about petitioning, yea thats our problem, like or not. You must have an agenda coming to Farhan's exit page to comment about his fans. I proudly admit that, yes I agreed to the petition. Woo.

    Is it wrong to love your idol as much? Search yourself then if you havent done anything to THAT extend for your idol. Isn't this supposed to be "supporting local talent". If you dont believe in the rigged-ness of the show, again, thats your problem. So bye.

    Anyway, ask yourself again, what is the hidden agenda of not saying "bottom 3"? Why do they need to "not mention" who is the bottom 3? Why is there a bottom 4 this week? Idk, but Im not watching Idol for sure.

  51. to the very last anon,

    you're delusional.

  52. He apologize to the public and said he was sick . He was sick since like past few weeks . Furthermore , maybe he is still sore about it . he did his best . he tried his best ..


    His voice is indeed nt strong enough bt come on , GIVE HIM TIME . U cnt expect him to be like the same standard as tabitha or other contestants tht r good the next ep in SI right ?

    We all knew he did his best . And singapore , PLEASE VOTE PROPERLY . Syltra should be in and replace some others tht doesnt deserve to be there . I am nt a die hard fan or Farhan , bt Im saying my opinion ..

    I think , just let the Judges decides the results . if nt , tabitha will be in the bottom three forever and in fact , who knws , she will be VOTED OUT .. So vote properly

  54. Geez , I used to look forward to SI . Now , sigh . niwaes , if he was in the top 10 , I wonder what song he would sing for MJ tribute :)

  55. a bunch of idiots wasting time debating.....hands down lah 4 nurul as she'll b the winner....others are so gimmicky

  56. Shut up . Would you like it people would say bad things about Nurul ?People have their own opinions so just respect . Nurul's voice is nice and she got potential bt so you knw , SHE WAS IN THE TOP 13 BECAUSE SHE REPLACE MJ . NOT BECAUSE SHE WAS IN BECAUSE OF THE JUDGES VOTE OR THE VIEWERS' VOTE :D

  57. hut up . Would you like it people would say bad things about Nurul ?People have their own opinions so just respect . Nurul's voice is nice and she got potential bt JUST so you knw , SHE WAS IN THE TOP 13 BECAUSE SHE REPLACE MJ . NOT BECAUSE SHE WAS IN BECAUSE OF THE JUDGES VOTE OR THE VIEWERS' VOTE :D

  58. Lol, whats over's over. Doesn't make a difference if all of us debate here. Everyone has different opinions right? So get over it and move on with life.

  59. I LOVE JOAKIM GOMEZ ! <333
    hope he gets some new stuff up . you got to admit that he's so fun loving and cute (= hehe .

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