Wednesday, October 21, 2009

VOTE VOTE VOTE Spectacular 5

8pm : the lines are now open! like siao!

Its 8pm. Where are you?
Are you watching Idol? I am... for another 25 minutes at least, before I put my kids to bed. Yep, I'm at home, this is not a scheduled post. :P

Anyway, KEEP THIS PAGE OPEN cos here are the voting deets in summary in case you can't see the ones on the left... (plus the pretty pics la)

Charles "Stitch" Wong singing to girlfriend Sherry
Fall For You
by Secondhand Serenade
Call 1900 112 1201 or sms '1' to IDOLS (43657)
each call/sms costs 60cents

Sylvia Ratonel singing to bestfriend Nik
When You Believe
by Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey
Call 1900 112 1202 or sms '2' to IDOLS (43657)
each call/sms costs 60cents

Faizal Isa singing to Mak Angkat (godmother) Aunty Mona
I'm Yours
by Jason Mraz
Call 1900 112 1203 or sms '3' to IDOLS (43657)
each call/sms costs 60cents

Malaque Mahdaly singing to bestfriend/cousin Fatmah
Because You Loved Me
by Celine Dion
Call 1900 112 1204 or sms '4' to IDOLS (43657)
each call/sms costs 60cents

Mae Sta Maria singing to cousin DJ
by Mariah Carey
Call 1900 112 1205 or sms '5' to IDOLS (43657)
each call/sms costs 60cents

Duane Ho singing to cousin Nicole
A Song For You
by Leon Russell
Call 1900 112 1206 or sms '6' to IDOLS (43657)
each call/sms costs 60cents

Fathin Amira singing to a special friend John
Back At One
by Brian McKnight
Call 1900 112 1207 or sms '7' to IDOLS (43657)
each call/sms costs 60cents

Tabitha Nauser singing to BFF Fathin (not Amira ;))
by Beyonce Knowles
Call 1900 112 1208 or sms '8' to IDOLS (43657)
each call/sms costs 60cents

Sezairi Sezali singing to BFF Abu
Ordinary People
by John Legend
Call 1900 112 1209 or sms '9' to IDOLS (43657)
each call/sms costs 60cents

Thats it folks, those are the numbers to call :) if you want more info on the idols and their special someones, check out the post before this for their interviews.
If you wanna know what the original songs sound like, click here,

Enjoy the rest of the show...and vote for talent! Keep your favourites in the competition!

xoxo, s.

ps. Come back at 9pm for some interesting updates on upcoming themes.

pps. I've asked Izked to take over as twitpiccer tonight - so do check out his twitpics/tweets!


  1. why din sezairi sing for his gf

  2. i clicked on the link for twitpics from the official blogger. but there arent any updates at all. is that the correct link?

  3. izked did not twitpic.

  4. Mae should be out, NOT Amira...sighz. Because her voice is better than Mae's.

    Amira has one of the best voices although she seems to have lost her 'wow' factor which she has shown during her auditions :(

  5. Vote and vote!tat's what I did n Malaque is still in the running for Idol..Summerr,can you pls let Malaque know that I am her fan and pls ask her to show more commitment and confidence in the next shows n not to play around too much..Nway,you r so cute when you asked Dick to coach you and he was like 'aargh'.All the best to you.But so sad Fathin is out, this is the 3rd consecutive week that a Malay contestant is voted out.But.what to do.

  6. yes yes. three malay contestant were out in a row. something amiss.
    quite contradictory when we all know that the malays are the ones who goes all out to support the malays. I am pretty excited for next week's result. Maybe, they will get Malaque out. Top 5 will be Charles, Duane, Tabitha, Sylvia and Mae.

  7. Stop playing up the RACE card!! It's getting annoying.

    While I am a Chinese viewer who do NOT want my beloved Malaque, Sylvia and Tabitha to be out, but I really feel the urge to rebuke posters who tend to use 'race' as an excuse for some contestants being marginalised.

    Faizal Isa will be SAFE forever - isn't this already good enough for you Malays out there? WHY are you still continuing your LAME talk over here????

    If you really care so much abt fairness, WHY didn't you vote more for Nurul and Fathin - but instead vote SO MUCH for Faizal who has no originality but only breezing through safe song choices week after week. Sezairi has a limited and ordinary vocal range though he has better musicianship.

    Time to stop voting for boring idols who can only market to Chinese or Malay market. Both Taufik and Hady were overrated - although they won, they ended up targetting the regional Malay music market - while Daphne Khoo and Paul Twohill have their music receiving airplays in several English music stations, and selling English albums.

  8. Amirah completely does not connect with audiences through her singing. Yes, it's undeniable that she sings well, but that doesn't cut it. You need to emote as well as connect properly, which is something she hasn't done much of with the exception of "You Are Not Alone" during MJ Week. So I'm sorry to say this but she deserved to be eliminated tonight.

  9. I agree with the anonymous above. But I also don't think Mae, Duane and Faizal deserve to stay all the way to win it - they have been inconsistent week every week, they also fail to connect at times. They are voted in SIMPLY BECAUSE they have been OVERRATED PERIOD !!!! And the viewers are tainted by only the positive vibes and impressions given by such contestants.

    Anyway, I am very happy that Sezairi, Tabby, Malaque, Charles and Sylvia got through - they have demonstrated that they have so much talent and potential to go far. I hope they will not be put into the unsafe group.